Cam´e`ra Lo`ca´vora concept. photographic series. celebrates lives, passion, work of local farmers and sustainable FOOD economies; aims to transport us into the real lives of local producers.

A`man´da Lane Pho`to´grapher person. sebastopol. local photographer; committed to creating biodynamic, organic series of photographs, reflecting real lives, real passions.

In Hon`or of Me`liss´a exhibition. celebrates honey bee, reveals inner treasure of bees, plight of bees, global well being: survival. features Micheal Thiele “bee whisperer” gaia bees, the melissa garden: pollinating habitats.

Showing @ VML Winery April 3rd – June 11th 4035 Westside Road Healdsburg  11am – 5pm

Radio-Coteau (rā’ dē ō – kō tō’) winery. sebastopol, Russian River; winegrower Eric Sussman: certified biodynamic; cool-climate coastal vineyard: non-interventionist: wines, vibrant, balanced fruit, distinct sense of place. adj. colloquial expression suggesting “word of mouth.” Literal Translation: broadcasting from hillside

Three Ox Farm farm. sebastopol. owner Steve & Bernadette Howard; truly unique, artistic farm; blends creative landscapes, habitat, production, excellent fruits, vegetables.